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    Have you endured the stress and pain of unnecessary surgery?

    Have you suffered an unexplained death in the family?

    Was there a dramatically different or unexpected result  of treatment or surgery?

    Did the provider fail to give a good explanation for a worsened condition of the patient or
    of the sudden death of the patient?

The most common cases of malpractice are:

    1.  Failure to diagnose a condition or to diagnose a condition in time to treat it properly;

    2.  Failure to observe and monitor the patient;

    3.  Failure to perform surgery properly, and

    4.  Failure to treat a condition properly

Experience in Medical Malpractice investigation have discovered that inadequate care may be
the result of iatrogenic problems, those caused by the physician in the course of his or her
treatment of the patient.


    One review estimated that twenty percent of pacemaker operations may be
    unnecessary (Barron, James.  1989.  "Unnecessary Surgery."  The New York Times
    Magazine, April 16).

    Another study indicated that the average hospital has a twelve percent daily error rate in
    administering medication for patients (Cialdini, Robert B.  1985.  "Influence:   Science
    and Practice."  Glenview, Ill.:  Scott, Foresman and Company).

    A study of New York patients reported that almost four percent received a disabling
    injury while hospitalized and more than a fourth of the injuries were due to negligence
    (Goldman, John J.   1990.  "4% got Disabling Injury in N.Y. Hospitals, Study finds."Los
    Angeles Times, March 1).

    A Rand Corporation study of twelve hospitals in the South and West concluded that
    common medical errors caused about a fourth of all patient deaths from heart attack,
    stroke, and pneumonia (Scott, Janny.  1988.  "Study Links 9 Common Medical Errors to
    Death."   Los Angeles Times, October1).  "Medical Errors" included everything from
    prescribing the wrong drugs to miss diagnosis of a stroke.

    There has been cases of physicians providing AIDS patients with misinformation (such
    as death within months) that led to suicides or murder-suicides (Lynch, Robert D.  
    1989.   "Psychological impact of AIDS on individual, family, community, nation, and world
    in a historical perspective."  Family and Community Health 12 August).

    More recently, the Institute of Medicine, an arm of the National Academy of Sciences,
    reported that more Americans die from medical mistakes than from breast cancer,
    highway accidents or AIDS.  Medical mistakes kill as many as 98,000 hospitalized
    Americans a year. The problem is caused less by recklessness on the part of doctors
    or nurses than by basic flaws in the health system.  Doctor's poor handwriting too often
    leaves pharmacists puzzled.  Too many drug names sound alike.  Medical knowledge
    grows so rapidly it is difficult to keep up with new treatments or dangers.  Medical
    devices change from year to year.  And most health professionals do not have their
    competence tested regularly.  (As reported by the Honolulu Advertiser, Advertiser News
    Services, November 1999.)

Contrary to the expectation and attitudes of Americans, medicine is an inexact science.  
Physicians, hospital personnel, and medical technicians all make mistakes.

Malpractice suits are not just the result of greedy and contentious patients.

Medical Malpractice Defenses:

  • A patient's consent to the doctor's treatment may prevent the doctor from being liable for
    an intentional tort.

  • Note However:  A patient's mistake as to the essential nature or consequences of the
    invasion (treatment) of his or her person or property is treated as a mistake of fact and
    voids any consent to such invasion.

  • It is on this very basis that a patient's consent to surgery or other medical treatment is
    sometimes held ineffective, thereby exposing the doctor to liability for battery.

  • Where the patient asserts that he or she consented to the surgical procedure
    performed, but that he or she had not been adequately informed of the risks and
    benefits of the procedure, the claim is generally treated as one for negligence rather
    than an intentional tort (battery).

Doctors have a duty to disclose relevant information about benefits and risks inherent in
proposed treatment, alternatives to that treatment, and the likely results if the patient remains

There are only two exceptions to the doctor's duty of disclosure that are recognized:  
Emergencies and Therapeutic privilege.

Caveat:  Most Courts hold the patient responsible to show that if properly informed neither  he
nor a reasonable person in similar circumstances would have undergone the procedure.

    Let us at The Investigators, LLC Discover the facts with a thorough investigation.  

    We offer support services for litigation, from on-the-scene and pretrial discovery  to concluding analysis and expert testimony.

    Our Investigative services are predicated on knowledge of Civil Laws (Torts) and their Defenses which is the primary foundation
    of an investigator's perspicacity essential for evidence discovery and acquisition.   Our requisite professional credentials have
    earned us the compulsory credibility necessary to educe cooperation from individuals with relevant and reliable information  We
    know what to look for, what to ask, how to ask,  and whom to ask.

    Our reports are comprehensive, thorough, and may include addenda of supporting documentation, videos, photographs and/or

    Above all, we are committed to the axiomatic norms of professionalism.  All investigations are confidential and conducted within
    the parameters and limitations of authority using personal initiative in the management of all cases at a nominal expense.
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