Hawaii Surveillance Investigation

Hawaii Surveillance Investigation

Experienced in Providing Professionally Orchestrated Clandestine Operations, Infidelity Surveillance,
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The Investigators, LLC specializes in providing professionally orchestrated clandestine operations,
surveillance, undercover, pre-trial discovery, evidence discovery and acquisition. We are not always
who we appear to be or who we lead you to believe we are.  Nothing is as it seems when you deal
with a covert operative in a clandestine operation.

Before initiating surveillance at a location our Investigators will attempt to confirm subject is present.  
He will not wait for more than 2 hours when there is no activity or subject has not been observed
unless instructed to do so.  Thus reducing time spent and saving client's funds when subject may not
be present or active. Short video clips will be taken to confirm investigators presence and time at
location.  Surveillance will resume at another time or day until subject is observed.  Video of the
subject, their associates and all activity will be taken.  Snap-shots from the video maybe sent via
email to keep our clients informed and kept up-to-date on case progression.  The video may be
requested at the end of the investigation.  Investigation will not exceed the retainer amount without
prior approval.


The objective of surveillance is to obtain information about people, their associates, and their
activities through covert observations.

Surveillance can be constructed to:  

  • Observe physical activities in progress
  • Observe daily routine or activities
  • Identify associates
  • Find or locate individuals
  • Protect Witnesses
  • Verify Statements
  • Prevent a crime from being committed
  • Apprehend a criminal in the act
  • Recover stolen property

Types of Surveillance:

    1.  Stationary (fixed, plant, stakeout)

    2.  Moving (tight or close, loose, rough)

    Close surveillance: The primary objective is the continuous observation of the target
    without regard to whether the target knows he is under surveillance.  Primarily for
    Protection or TRO Enforcement.

    Rough surveillance: This is conducted in such a manner as to ensure that the target
    does not become aware of the surveillance activity.

    3.  Foot or Vehicle

    4.  Technical: Technical surveillance is the use of technical devices and procedures to collect
    information on target.

    Immunoassay which is now a widely accepted field analytical technology for the
    analysis of many organic contaminants and classes of contaminants.  We swab and
    test suspected areas for traces of illicit drugs.  

    5  De-Bugging or Counter Surveillance TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures):

    Everyday, ordinary people and powerful people alike employ eavesdropping
    techniques to benefit themselves or harm their enemies.  Spouses listen in on phone
    conversations and contractors bug each other’s phone lines, and others use baby

TSCM are used for the Protection against Electronic bugs, Telephone Monitoring devices and also
provides Complete Confidential Privacy in certain rooms and areas.

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by John Free, Naomi Freundlich, and C.P. Gilmore
from Popular Science Aug. 1987

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Under cover?

The objective of an undercover assignment would be to gain a person's confidence or to infiltrate an organization or group by using an
assumed identity and to thereby obtain information or evidence.


     1.  In The Area  

    (e.g.  serviceman, telephone repairman,  salesman, etc...)

     2.  Employment

    Objective is to detect internal problems of theft, pilferage, disloyalty, embezzlement, industrial espionage, etc...)

     3.  Infiltration

    Objective is to infiltrate groups or gangs engaged in illegal or subversive activities.

     4.  Spying

    Usually work in the intelligence and espionage agencies of the government.

     5.  Personality Impersonations

    Involves an attempt to take the identity and live the life of another living or dead.

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evidence acquisition.  

It is economically prudent to investigate your case before litigation.  

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Most importantly, Private Detectives or Private Investigators' methodology must avoid unprofessional conduct that have given rise to
various tort actions, such as defamation, invasion of privacy, trespass, and intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress (See
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We, at The Investigators LLC, are committed to the axiomatic norms of professionalism. We believe in professionalism, integrity and
ethical conduct in our investigations and relations with those we serve.