Hawaii PC and Cellular Phone Forensics
Hawaii PC Forensics
Computer forensics is the application of computer investigation and analysis
techniques in the interests of determining potential legal evidence. Evidence
might be sought in a wide range of computer crime or misuse, including but
not limited to theft of trade secrets, theft of or destruction of intellectual
property, and fraud. Computer specialists can draw on an array of methods for
discovering data that resides in a computer system, or recovering deleted,
encrypted, or damaged file information. Any or all of this information may help
during discovery, depositions, or actual litigation.

The Investigators, LLC's computer forensics investigators take several careful
steps to identify and attempt to retrieve possible evidence that may exist on a
subject computer system:

  • Protects the subject computer system during the forensic
    examination from any possible alteration, damage, data corruption, or
    virus introduction;
  • Discovers all files on the subject system. This includes existing
    normal files, deleted yet remaining files, hidden files, password-
    protected files, and encrypted files;
  • Recovers all (or as much as possible) of discovered deleted files;
  • Reveals (to the extent possible) the contents of hidden files as well as
    temporary or swap files used by both the application programs and the
    operating system;
  • Accesses (if possible and if legally appropriate) the contents of
    protected or encrypted files;
  • Analyzes all possibly relevant data found in special (and typically
    inaccessible) areas of a disk. This includes but is not limited to what is
    called 'unallocated' space on a disk (currently unused, but possibly the
    repository of previous data that is relevant evidence), as well as 'slack'
    space in a file (the remnant area at the end of a file, in the last
    assigned disk cluster, that is unused by current file data, but once
    again may be a possible site for previously created and relevant
  • Prints out an overall analysis of the subject computer system, as well
    as a listing of all possibly relevant files and discovered file data.
    Further, provides an opinion of the system layout, the file structures
    discovered, any discovered data and authorship information, any
    attempts to hide, delete, protect, encrypt information, and anything else
    that has been discovered and appears to be relevant to the overall
    computer system examination;
  • Provides expert consultation and/or testimony, as required;
Hawaii Cellular Phone Forensics

The Forensic Investigators are trained and experienced Technicians who use
specialized methods of analyzing, recovering and validating electronic data.  
They are trained on the preservation, acquisition, examination, analysis, and
reporting of digital evidence on cell phones, relevant to law enforcement,
incident response, infidelity and other types of investigations.

The Digital Cellular Phone Forensics field is a constant challenge for
investigators and technicians.  They constantly stay abreast of the latest
technologies that may be used to expose relevant clues in an investigation.

Mobile phones are in abundant use in today’s society. Used by many individuals
for both personal and professional purposes. Most modern phones have
cameras built-in, they also have the ability to record video, and to record voice
and sound recordings as well as text messages. These fundamental tools are
readily available and used by people all over the world for the right reasons.
Some, however, are being used for inappropriate use. Our Forensic
Investigators or Technicians specifically help organizations, governments,
corporations, police forces, military and individuals who have been victims from
malicious usage of these devices.

Mobile phone forensics is the science of recovering digital evidence from a
mobile phone under forensically sound conditions using accepted methods.
The data is extracted in a strictly ‘read only’ process, without modifying data on
the source phone. The extracted data is verified using industry standard of hash
algorithm to insure data integrity for the courtroom.

Our Investigators/Technicians may extract a wide variety of data types from a
cellular phone.  Such as:

  • Phonebook
  • Text Messages
  • Call History  
  • (Received, Dialed, Missed calls)
  • Deleted Text Messages
  • Audio Recordings
  • Video
  • Pictures and Images
  • Phone Details  
  • (IMEI / ESN, phone number)
  • QCP File System Dump
  • SIM ID Cloning
Hawaii Computer Forensics and Electronic
Evidence Discovery are crucial elements of
nearly all litigation. If you are party to litigation,
identifying, retrieving, analyzing and reviewing
data from your computer systems, as well as those
of the opposing party, requires a deep
understanding of computer technology, as well
as the letter of the law.

The Investigators, LLC integrates knowledge of
the litigation process with powerful computer
forensics. We help you navigate the complexities
and uncertainties that arise in every step of the
litigation process, starting from initial assessment
through expert courtroom testimony. We can
guide you through any or all steps of the
discovery process, including:

  • Development of an overall electronic
    discovery strategy.
  • Construction of and response to
  • Data collection.
  • Keyword and other searches.
  • Consolidation and distillation of
    redundant data.
  • Review of data for relevancy,
    responsiveness and privilege.
  • Production of documents and other
  • Courtroom presentation and expert
    witness testimony.
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