The Investigators, LLC  a Hawaii Private Investigation Agency,  

The Investigator's services are predicated on knowledge of the criminal law, it's
defenses, and it's requisite elements (Mens Rea, Actus Reus, Attendant
Circumstances, and Causation) and the Civil Law (Torts) and their Defenses
which is the foundation for an investigator's perspicacity necessary for evidence
discovery and acquisition.

Our private detectives or private investigator's legal repertoires have a  composite
synthesis of investigative experiences with the requisite knowledge of the laws to:

    1. activate relevant sources of information

     2. obtain pertinent information from

            a.  people

            b.  records and documents, and

            c.  scenes and physical evidence

     3. record the information

     4. analyze the information

     5.  verify the information

      6. report the information, and

      7. preserve the information and evidence

Our Private Detective's requisite professional credentials have earned the
compulsory credibility necessary to educe cooperation from individuals with
relevant and reliable information.

Our Hawaii Private Investigators are trained in Criminal, Civil and Administrative
Law and the investigator's role in the Judicial Process.

All our Hawaii Private Detectives (private Investigators)  have years of experience
with preparing cases for defense or prosecution including:  recognizing,
developing, and presenting evidence that reconstructs events, sequences and
time elements for presentation to the trier of facts.

The Private  Investigators are trained in Hawaii and experienced with the
sequences of Criminal and Civil trial, testifying under direct and cross-
examination and familiar with the strategies for excelling as a witness.

Investigative Reports are comprehensive, thorough, and may include addenda of
supporting documentation, videos, photographs or drawings.

Most importantly, Private Detectives or Private Investigators' methodology must
avoid unprofessional conduct that have given rise to various tort actions, such as
defamation, invasion of privacy, trespass, and intentional or negligent infliction of
emotional distress (See page on

We, at The Investigators LLC, are committed to the axiomatic norms of
professionalism. We believe in professionalism, integrity and ethical conduct in
our investigations and relations with those we serve.

We are Credible.  Credibility refers to the reliability of testimony, based on
competence of the witness and likelihood that it is true. It may also refer to
someone's reputation for truthfulness. Credibility of testimony is usually
supported by other substantiating evidence, but credibility is often a subjective
determination to be made by the trier of fact (judge or jury). In general, the rules of
evidence disallow character witnesses to be called to testify to a witness'
reputation for truthfulness or untruthfulness unless such reputation for
truthfulness or untruthfulness has already been attacked. (definitions.uslegal.

As investigators our job is to determine facts and discover the truth. Our clients,
usually attorneys, depend on us to gather facts, evidence, and discover the truth
of an issue. Our record is unblemished and we have established credibility. As
we are experienced and trained in the private investigative industry...
"if we
cannot attack the evidence, then we attack the credibility of the witness."
the facts, evidence and truth, as we discover may be against those that we
represent. Our job is to turn it over to our client, the attorney, and let him decide
on how he/she wants to proceed.

We are careful not to taint the facts, evidence or the truth. For instance, leading
witnesses during questioning can taint the facts and distort the truth. When
collecting evidence, a chain of custody must be performed, especially if delivered
to a lab and the process by which the evidence is gathered must be disclosed
otherwise, it could be determined that the evidence has been tainted.  

Sometimes we are asked to question witnesses that are not that reputable and
who's credibility may come into question. Our job is to determine and gather
facts about the witness, why his/her credibility may come into question and
attempt to mitigate that credibility through circumstances. We ask open ended
questions and allow the witness to speak freely and keep him/her talking during
the questioning phase. We must then ascertain the facts and determine if there
is a reasonable assumption, based on a collaboration of other facts, if the
witness is telling the truth and has given accurate information. Sometimes
background checks on the witness may be necessary. Background on a witness
may include but not limited to criminal history, employment history, financial
stability, standing in the community, character of the witness, and the general
overall nature of the witness.

If a witness, including an investigator, does not have credibility, then the witness
and/or investigator can be impeached and the testimony will be disregarded.  
Our Investigators are professional, dress professionally, speak professionally,
and conduct themselves professionally in his/her personal as well as
professional life.

We are in a trade/occupation that requires us to be competent, ethical, moral,
and truthful in all we do. Sometimes the first impression is the only impression
we may get.

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